1978 Born in Japan
2003- Next to music, self-study of photography becomes a new hobby
2007- Work in the bridal and family photography field
2011- Change to the commercial field of photography as a professional cameraman
2019- Start of the career as an artist

Artist statement

In Japan there is a differentiation in the language concerning a person taking pictures.
Cameraman, photographer and photo artist are terms which are used to distinguish between the non-professional, professional as well as income level.
With the origins of a cameraman, I refine the ideas of the director – and see myself as a sort of two dimensional technician.
For 10 years of photography being my main source of income, I have been studying and striving to perfect my skills as a technician.
However in recent years, I felt limited in embodying the ideas of others and started creative ventures to explore my own ideas and question society standards.
As a main theme, I like to pick up visually pleasing textures using photographic techniques acquired prior to my artistic experiments. Photography, being somewhat like a copy machine of the subject photographed, can do even more than a painting I believe.

Further, the relationship between individuals and the society is a subject I care about. I myself am connected to the world through my pictures. It gives me contact with the Japanese photography society in real life or via online.




1978 日本生まれ
2003- 音楽活動の傍ら、趣味として独学で写真を学び始める
2007- ファミリーフォトやブライダルフォトの業界で仕事をする
2011- 仕事の領域をコマーシャルフォトへ移し、プロフェッショナルのカメラマンとして活動
2019- アーティストとしての活動を開始