Relationship between anger and nudity

This project is an expression of anger by the models and me.

Initially, this project started with the motivation to simply express a woman’s body beautifully in monochrome.
Women who responded to the call for the test shooting are not particularly models.
When asking why they did not mind a pressure-sensitive nude shooting, they responded being confident with nakedness but not having had the opportunity to show themselves. That’s why I’m glad that they were shot under conditions that kept secrets like this.

 In the Japanese society, nakedness was originally avoided.
The authorities have continued to work against publications of photography showing pubic hair until the 1990s. Although regulations have somewhat relaxed at present, the situation has not changed fundamentally.
I think the reason why naked pictures and images are evaded in Japanese society is due to the unique perception that Japanese people have about nakedness.
And in Japan, women exposing themselves to nakedness are often depicted as not being a first-class citizen in the sense of a “healthy” social life.

Being aware that one’s nakedness is beautiful to the general public, and being confident is something that can withstand appreciation. However when appearing in the world with a face in it, it will result in being treated as a lower as second-class citizen.
Such unreasonable conduct is common in Japanese society, and taking nude pictures is a huge risk.

On the other hand, I, Van Sadayoshi am in the position of turning from a commercial photographer to a photography artist.
I myself, while working to spread the fun of photography on the internet, was suddenly being targeted by a number of passionate “anti” people.
They (the actual gender is unknown, but probably all are men) check every time I do something, even if legally fine. In light of ethical standards, they condemn me for being bad and politely made a website to argue that “this is wickedness”.
Regardless of their motivation, they devour my existence, and keep looking for something they can use to slander me with.

I discussed with the women who took the test shoot, that once she was going to expose her nakedness and face as a set, some curious “friends” would probably try to destroy their stand in society. I remember them becoming very angry about this situation, a common ground I also am upset about.
Thus, the theme of Nude Unidentified was decided.
To take beautiful pictures of the body of a woman living in the Japanese society.
At the same time, hitting a clear NO to the people who try to connect and impact the owners of the naked body socially negatively.
The women who actually did the modelling, are women living in the Japanese society. But they are no one, nowhere.

Also, at the stage of the shooting, it showed that it works as a kind of touchstone on how the viewer treats the nakedness of women, depending on how they see and feel a series of photos taken. It is a renewal of our desire to pursue social issues that will be exposed in the future.








 こうしてNude Unidentifiedというテーマが決まりました。